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Here at Waves, we embrace and incorporate water safety with stroke refinement. We believe swim lessons, either in a group, or a private one on one setting, should focus on safety first, then skills. We also believe there is no such thing as a "water safe" child. However, we know there are steps that we can take to educate and prepare for encounters with water such as pools, rivers, lakes and the ocean. Did you know, 60% of the human population doesn’t know how to swim? 

Learning to recognize and respect safe water practices, and make safe decisions around ALL types of water environments, is a critical life skill that should go hand in hand with learning to swim and could save a life. What makes us different is that we do this by incorporating new, unique skills and tools that simulate different bodies of water and conditions. We are passionate about what we do and cannot wait to share our love of water with you. Being comfortable in the water is fun, and opens the door to other enjoyable activities!  That is why we offer swim services to everyone, from infant to adult.

Welcome to Waves! My name is Elona Wave Skadberg (yes Wave is my real middle name).  I am a mother of 4, and owning and operating this swim school is my lifelong dream come true. I believe sharing my love of water is what I was put on earth to do. I have been working toward Waves my entire adult life. I truly cannot remember a time in my life that water didn't play a pivotal role. All my fondest memories have water imbedded in them. I was born in Northern California to parents that had a love for sailing and water and my early years were spent sailing around the world. The story is told... when I was under a year old my mother dove into a pool, and I crawled in after her. Everyone panicked and scrambled to "save the baby" but before they could reach me, I surfaced laughing. And so it goes... At the age of 15 my family moved to Eureka, Nevada and the town pool was the only body of water within 40 miles. I felt like a landlocked mermaid, and at that age I thought my life was over. In order to be close to the water I started Lifeguarding in 1990. I was given my first aquatic management job In 1992 and have managed aquatic facilities throughout Nevada in both Municipal and Private sector since. I starting instructing American Red Cross Learn to Swim programs in 1995, and I moved on to Lifegaurd Training in 1997. I am a passionate water lover who has dedicated my life to Aquatics and believes everyone can and should learn to swim. I have strived to make Waves a unique environment.  The belief in water safety and saving lives through education, prevention and passion is what we do. My team and I are passionate water lovers who are dedicated to the teaching of the highest quality swimming and safety lessons. Oh! and of course making sure the WHOLE family has a 5 star experience. So while we teach the lesson, you can sit back, enjoy a beverage and make yourself at home while watching your swimmer from the luxury of the pool house. This experience is as much for YOU as it is for them! Thank you again for visiting our website and considering Waves for your swimming needs!

Elona Wave Skadberg~ Instructor/Owner

Our belief is the more often you come, the faster you will see results. Lessons are scheduled for your convenience and can be 1 day a week or 5.  However, once you sign up for a specific day and time, that will remain the same throughout the session. If you want to start slow, once or twice a week, that is fine. Many families can only fit 1 day a week and that works, but it does take longer to see results. Other families have short term goals such as vacation, etc. and need faster results. If this is the case, it is beneficial to schedule as close together and often as possible. Just know, we understand it needs to work for you and your family. If you would like to call us, we will be happy to discuss it with you further. All lessons are scheduled on a first come, first served basis with current students being able to enroll before new students. All lessons must be scheduled online and be paid at the time of scheduling. Times are first come, first served until spaces are full.
**We do not reschedule, offer makeup lessons or give refunds so please keep that in mind when scheduling lesson times**

"WAVES TAKES a progressive and holistic approach to all aspects of safety and learning to swim"

Waves Swim & Safety Training Philosophy