Welcome to Waves!

My name is Elona Wave Skadberg (yes Wave is my real middle name).  I am a mother of 2 teenage boys and 2 grown daughters. Owning and operating Waves swim school is my lifelong dream come true. I believe sharing my love of water is what I was put on earth to do. I have been working toward Waves my entire adult life.

I truly cannot remember a time in my life that water didn't play a pivotal role. All my fondest memories have water imbedded in them.

I was born in Northern California to parents that had a love for sailing and water and my early years were spent sailing around the world. The story is told... when I was under a year old my mother dove into a pool, and I crawled in after her. Everyone panicked and scrambled to "save the baby" but before they could reach me, I surfaced laughing. And so, it goes...

At the age of 15 my family moved to Eureka, Nevada and the town pool was the only body of water within 40 miles. I felt like a landlocked mermaid, and at that age I thought my life was over. In order to be close to the water I started Lifeguarding in 1990. I was given my first aquatic management job in 1992 and have managed aquatic facilities throughout Nevada in both Municipal and Private sector since. I started instructing American Red Cross Learn to Swim programs in 1995, and I moved on to Lifeguard Training in 1997. I am a passionate water lover who has dedicated my life to Aquatics and believes everyone can and should learn to swim. I have strived to make Waves a unique environment.  The belief in water safety and saving lives through education, prevention and passion is what we do. My team and I are passionate water lovers who are dedicated to the teaching of the highest quality swimming and safety lessons. Oh! and of course making sure the WHOLE family has a 5-star experience. So, while we teach the lesson, you can sit back, enjoy a beverage and make yourself at home while watching your swimmer from the luxury of the pool house. This experience is as much for YOU as it is for them! Thank you again for visiting our website and considering Waves for your swimming needs!

Elona Wave Skadberg~ Instructor/Owner

Hi! My name is Nicola Goldstein (Coach Nicky). I am a full time student at UNR studying both Human Development/Family Studies and Social Work with a minor in Addiction Treatment Services Minor. I want to go into social work-either school social work or child welfare. I have always loved working with kids and after taking my first social work class at UNR, I fell in love and found that direction for myself.
My Swim Background...
I am originally from Davis, CA but I moved here to Reno summer 2017 for school. I love Reno and everything I have found here so far. Since 2012, I have taught swimming at several establishments in Davis and now Reno. I also worked summer camps at one of the swim establishments (my camp name was Strawberry-I still get texts and letters from old kiddos and parents addressed to Strawberry). Before teaching swim lessons, I was on swim team for 5 years. My favorite stroke was always Breaststroke (froggy kick with mermaid arms) but the stroke I competed in most was Butterfly. 


My name is Mirette, I am currently a student at UNR studying English and Art, and I grew up the youngest of a big family from Northern California. I loved swimming as a kid and in middle school I started swimming with a club team so I could stay active and learn more about the sport.  All through middle school and high school I swam and was a highly competitive rifle athlete. A couple of summers in high school I coached the elite group of a local swim team and really enjoyed passing on my passion for swimming to my students. My senior year, I was recruited by the rifle team at UNR and was an active athlete at the university until our team was discontinued. Since I was no longer competing, I had extra time, and I was able to start working here at Waves! When I’m not working or in class, I love doing yoga, being outdoors and taking my friends to all of Reno’s best coffee shops. Water is my happy place and it’s great to be able to share my love of swimming with my students!Type your paragraph here.

Hello all! My name is Sheridan Manfredi and I am an instructor here at Waves. I have been working here on and off for over three years and have loved every moment. I took swimming lessons starting when I was two years old and have loved the water since. Some of my most fond memories of my childhood are from my various swimming lessons, so I want to be able to give your kids that same experience. I am currently a Senior at the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in Psychology with a minor in Political Science. I am very involved at UNR through various organizations like ASUN, my sorority Kappa Alpha Theta, and Blue Key Honors Society. I am graduating this May, and after graduation I hope to go to Graduate School to obtain my master’s in criminal justice. My life goal is to work for a non-profit that does criminal justice reform. In the meantime, I can't wait to meet all of you and have some super safe fun in the water!

My name is Adrienne Park. I recently just moved to the beautiful city of Reno from Las Vegas, Nevada at 18 years old. I am currently a standing freshmen at the University of Nevada Reno on track to graduate in the class of 2023 with a degree in Business Management. I am looking to pursue a career in the entertainment industry such as an Event Manager or Director of Development/ Strategy. I hope to pursue these goals through my education and internships in these coming years. Aside from school, my hobbies include fitness, live music, and social media. Fitness became a hobby of mine since I have been swimming as a child. I have been in the water most of my life through recreational and club swim teams as well as my varsity High School swim team. My favorite strokes are the Backstroke and Butterfly! At the age of 16 I became a certified Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard and stuck with it ever since. I hope to make water a safe and fun environment for your child at Waves! 

Lyndsey has been part of the Waves Swim family since 2018.  Her passion for swimming comes from a sports injury that pushed her into the pool for rehabilitation. Later she showed her son, Jaydon, how to get around the pool by teaching him how to swim with his own obstacles. Now a certified lifeguard and toddler swim instructor, she uses her techniques, passion and care with your children!
Lyndsey, also a Fitness Instructor since 2010, specializes her talents in our baby/parent classes..

Hello! My name is Katie. I am a second year full time pre-nursing student at the University of Nevada, Reno. I have always been really passionate about medicine and find it completely fascinating. I also love working with children so my ultimate goal is to be a pediatric nurse. I am also an art minor and love making pottery and clay sculpture.
I learned to swim when I was two years old and was on the varsity swim team. I have been teaching for almost two years now and it is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had. I love being able to see the progress my students make and love celebrating when they achieve a new goal. The ultimate reward is knowing that my students are having fun and enjoy being in the water as much as I do. 

Hi there! My name is Cheyenne. I am a UNR alum with degrees in liberal arts and science of nursing. I work at a hospital in Northern Nevada, but I love swimming and kiddos so much I work here whenever I have the time! I have worked for waves for three years and I absolutely love it. Swimming is an invaluable skill to learn and I am honored to have the chance to teach at Waves.