Tuition cost is based on the amount of weeks in the session and the amount of days and times you choose.

2018 Session Dates

Session 2: April 2- May 26
Session 3: June 18 - July 29
Session 4: August 13- September 23
Session 5: October 8 - November 18 

Tuition rates:

ON-GOING LESSONS  $37 per lesson during a session, you retain your time or get 1st choice in new session times available. 30 day written cancellation required. Please see session dates.
DROP-IN LESSONS $42 per lesson Non-consistent times, as available (charged per lesson at the time of booking and you MUST be a current client of Waves)
WATER BABIES $20 per lesson, billed by amount of lessons per session. 
SEMI-PRIVATE $28 per lesson/per student (must be twins or pre approved by Elona)