Hello! My name is Maddy and I am an instructor at Waves. I was born and raised right here in Reno, and I have been swimming for practically my whole life. When I was about 2 years old, my dad taught me how to swim right in our back yard, and I've been swimming ever since. I've been swimming competitively on multiple swim teams since I was about 6 years old, and I swam for Reno High School's varsity swim team from 2016-2019, making it to our regional competition in freestyle and back stroke. Swimming has always been a passion of mine. When I was young, I always had so much fun during my swim lessons. My teachers were amazing with using a balance between playing and learning valuable techniques, which is such an important way of teaching that I like to carry on. Now that I'm a freshman at University of Nevada, Reno, I'm glad that I get to use my passion towards swimming, and help other people find that same passion. At UNR I’m studying Criminal Justice, and will be making my way to law school. In my free time I like to roller skate, drink too much coffee, hang out with friends and family, and I’ve been volunteering at Reno’s Our Center for almost a year now. Whether it's for safety, fun, or you want to make it a competitive sport, swimming is a very important skill to have and I'm glad that I'm here to teach it! 

Hello! My name is Katie. I grew up in Las Vegas from the time I was 2 years old and I moved to Reno 3 years ago when I started college. As an incoming freshman at UNR I declared my major as Neuroscience and was super excited to start. I soon realized that I have two passions in life: medical practices and working with children. I thought really hard about how I could combine the two and last year decided to change my major to pre-nursing. I am so excited to see where this journey will take me! 
I adore teaching and have been teaching swim for a little over 3 years now. I thoroughly enjoy my time with each student and love to take my time to not only teach them, but learn from them. I also love everything about the water and get so excited to share my love of swimming with them.

HI! My name is Mads! I am from Fresno, California and I'm a student at UNR! Currently I am a pre-nursing major with the hope of becoming a pediatric nurse! I knew from a young age I loved working with kids and helping people and I think that pediatrics is the perfect combination of the two! I have always loved the water (especially the ocean) and decided to join a swim team back in middle school and swam competitively for five years! I am so excited to get to teach, whether it be water safety or stroke technique to everything in between! In my free time I love to paint/sketch, read, travel, hangout with family or friends and bake! I'm super excited to meet and share my love for swimming with you! 

Hi! My name is Mirette, I am currently a student at UNR studying English and Art. I am the youngest of a big family from Northern California. I loved swimming as a kid and in middle school I started swimming with a club team so I could stay active and learn more about the sport, and I totally fell in love. My favorite strokes are freestyle and breaststroke! A couple of summers in high school I coached the elite group of a local swim team and really enjoyed passing on my passion for swimming to my students.When I’m not working or in class, I love doing yoga, being outdoors, making art or music, and taking my friends to all of Reno’s best coffee shops. Water is my happy place and it’s great to be able to share my love of swimming with my students!

                                                         Welcome to Waves!

My name is Elona Wave Skadberg (yes Wave is my real middle name).  I am a proud mom of 2 teenage boys and 2 grown daughters. 

Owning and operating Waves swim school is my lifelong dream come true and have been working towards Waves my entire life. 

I believe sharing my love of water is what I was put on earth to do and truly cannot remember a time in my life that water didn't play

a pivotal role. All my fondest memories have water embedded in them.  I was born in Northern California to parents that had a love

for sailing and water. The story my mom told, was when I was 8 months old she dove into a pool, and I crawled in after her.

Everyone panicked and scrambled to "save the baby" but before they could reach me I surfaced laughing. And so, it goes... 

At the age of 15 my family moved to Eureka, Nevada and the town pool was the only body of water within 40 miles. I felt like a

landlocked mermaid, and at 15 I thought my life was over. In order to be close to the water I started Lifeguarding in 1990. I was given

my first aquatic management job in 1992 and have managed aquatic facilities throughout Nevada in both Municipal and Private sector

I started instructing American Red Cross Learn to Swim programs in 1995, and I moved on to Lifeguard Training in 1997. I am a

passionate water lover who is dedicated to Aquatics and believes everyone can and should learn to swim. I strive to make Waves a unique environment full of water lovers and believe the experience should be holistic and loving. The belief in water safety and saving lives through education, prevention and passion is what we do. My team and I are passionate water lovers who are dedicated to the teaching of the highest quality swimming and safety lessons. Oh! and of course making sure the WHOLE family has a 5-star experience. So, while we teach the lesson, you can sit back, enjoy a relaxing moment and make yourself at home while watching from the luxury of the pool house.

This experience is as much for YOU as it is for them! Thank you again for visiting our website and considering Waves for your swimming needs

Elona Wave Skadberg~ Instructor/Owner