We are located at in the old Southwest at 1500 Skyline Blvd. We are on the corner of Monterrey and Skyline. Please park on Monterrey Dr along my property. You are more than welcome to park in our driveways as well. It is important to me to be a good neighbor, so we try hard not to impede on the neighbor’s property, in front of garbage cans or mailboxes. I really appreciate your help with this! ALL PARKING MUST BE IN OUR AREA ONLY.


When you park on Monterrey, under the deck there are steps and a walkway to the entrance gate. The entrance is between the main house and the side garage. It is an iron gate with a mermaid on it. There is also an entrance sign located next to the gate. When you enter the gate, you will follow the pavers back to the right and then to the left, down the stairs along the pool to the pool house. Please make sure to enter and go straight into the pool house. This ensures our lessons have minimal distractions. Your instructor will come inside the pool house when it is time for the lesson. 

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU GET HERE: You will find two dressing rooms, a bathroom with a shower, kitchen and observation area. We have goggles, swim diapers, learning aids and some swim toys for purchase. When it is time for your lesson, the instructor will come in and introduce themselves, chat briefly about your goals, explain what we are going to do during the lesson and what to expect during Making Waves Week. This is a good opportunity to give us any information that you think may be useful. The more we know, the better we can approach specific learning styles of our students. During the lesson, we ask that you remain in the pool house throughout. If you must take a call or need to leave the pool house, please walk outside of the gated area toward the street. If you ever have any concerns or questions, please give me a call right away at 750-0067.

SOME SIDE NOTES: We do not require goggles. Students may bring their own, we have some here to use during the lesson or no googles is fine! It is important to know that we make sure all our students get their eyes and face wet before they can put on goggles. Water comfort is more important to us than anything and we must get to our faces wet for that to happen. 

We reward hard work and good listening skills during the lesson with a treat or a treasure. If you would prefer, we DO NOT offer these things just let us know and we will make sure to reward the hard work some other way. 
I am excited to see all of you! If you have any questions or I can help in any way, please feel free to contact me at 750-0067 or elona@wavesswim.com 
Thank you again for trusting us with your family and developing these important life skills!