DESCRIPTION:                        DATES:             NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT

​SESSION 1 (2021)                    3/1 - 4/30         CLOSED-FULL    

FACILITY CLOSED                   5/1-23               CLOSED -FULL                      

MAKING WAVES WEEK #1       5/24-28            5/01/2021

MINI MWW#2 (4 days only)     6/1 - 4              5/01/2021

MAKING WAVES WEEK #3       6/6-11               5/01/2021

MAKING WAVES WEEK #4       6/14-18             5/01/2021

SUMMER SESSION                  6/21- 7/31         5/15/2021

FACILITY CLOSED                    8/1-15                CLOSED

FALL SESSION                         8/16-TBA            TBA              TBA     

WINTER SESSION                    TBA                    TBA              TBA                      

​$225 per student 

We offer Making Waves Weeks strategically throughout the year to prepare your swimmer for spring and summer activities. This is a great chance to get intensive training in a fun way and see HUGE growth in a short amount of time.  This is an intensive 5 days of lessons. (times remain the same each day) These weeks are so effective; we guarantee you’ll see significant improvement in skills in Just 5 short days!  

Parent/Child Lessons

Water babies is designed for babies 2 weeks – 23 months; 30 minutes long. This is an infant and toddler swimming group class that pairs the child with 2 adults (1 adult is fine!). We teach you, to teach your child: water safety, adaptation, and swim techniques. Your little fish will learn how to enter/exit the pool independently using the wall, reach for the wall in the event of a fall, breath control, introduction to floating, arm movement, kicking and how to have FUN!

Maximum is 3 parent/child pairs.


One on One Lessons
​​Waves Private Lessons are one instructor to one student with a maximum of 3 lessons at a time in the pool. 
Private lessons are open to swimmers of all ages, including babies and adults. 
We believe that private lessons are the most productive way to learn a critical life skill, allowing each student to progress at their own pace in a low risk, safe environment.​


​Private One on One~$40 ea.
Water Babies 2 weeks-23 mo. ~ $25 ea.

Making Waves Week~ $225

*There is a yearly registration fee of $25