SESSION 1:      February 3 - March 15              Registration begins December 1, 2019
SESSION 2:      April 20 - May 31                     Registration begins March 1, 2020
SESSION 3:      June 22 - August 2                   Registration Begins May 1, 2020
SESSION 4:      August 17 - September 27       Registration begins July 1, 2020
SESSION 5:      October 12 - November 22      R
egistration begins September 1, 2020

Waves yearly swim schedule runs in 6-week sessions with Making Waves Weeks strategically placed in-between. Our schedule works around the Washoe County School district schedule. We do this because we don’t want our families to feel like they are locked into a year-round contract. We want you to enjoy vacations and breaks. During our “off” weeks we offer a drop-in lesson schedule. You pick the day and time that works for you without an ongoing commitment.

*When you enroll in a session, that day and time is yours for the six (6) week session. For your convenience, your time is automatically rolled over to the next session and payment is charged on registration day. If you would like to release your time, just let us know before registration day.

We separate swim schedules to keep integrity of our intimate environment and to accommodate our families. We try to only have a maximum of three private lessons going in the pool at one time. There will be times there may be an extra lesson in the deep end.

​​​​​​2020 making waves weeks

We offer Making Waves Weeks strategically throughout the year to prepare your swimmer for spring and summer activities. This is a great chance to get intensive training in a fun way and see HUGE growth in a short amount of time.  This is an intensive 5 days of lessons. (times remain the same each day) These weeks are so effective; we guarantee you’ll see significant improvement in skills in Just 5 short days!  

2020 Session dates

SPRING WEEK 1:       March 16 - 20            Registration begins January 1, 2020
SPRING WEEK 2:       March 30 - April 3      Registration begins January 1, 2020 
SPRING WEEK 3:       April 13 - 17              Registration begins February 1, 2020
SUMMER WEEK 1:     June 1 - 5                   Registration begins April 1, 2020
SUMMER WEEK 2:     June 8 - 12                 Registration begins April 1, 2020